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Expanded Aesthetics - Jacob Kok

Expanded Aesthetics - Jacob Kok from WDKA on Vimeo.
Monday March 25 2013 De Unie, Mauritsweg 34-35, Rotterdam Currently, we are witnessing an expansion of computer aesthetics into the physical environment. Screen and physical world are merging into a hybrid kind of reality through a shared digital language of glitches, pixels or hyperrealism. James Bridle refers to this way of seeing as the New Aesthetic: it is not what we are looking at but how we are taught to look by technology. How does this affect our relation to the world? And is this really a new phenomenon? ‘Expanded Aesthetics’ focuses on the way artists and designers both contribute to and question this universe remix and how they “code our perception”. Guests are Sander Veenhof, known for, among others, his augmented reality guerrilla exhibition at the MOMA, NY, fashion designer Jacob Kok, presenting “digital couture” and Geoff Lillemont of Champagne Valentine, exploiting digital aesthetics in advertising, fashion, art and interaction. Moderator is Michelle Kasprzak, curator V2_Institute for the Unstable Media and editor of the book “New Aesthetics. New Anxieties” (2012).


EVOLUTION from Jacob Kok on Vimeo.
Jacob Kok & Marly Roosen Music: Dark Sky - Double U

Paradise AW13/14

Paradise AW13/14 from Jacob Kok on Vimeo.
Download the collection for your Sims here bit.ly/11OrlYt (rar) t.co/Wj37phl4 (zip) DE SIMS PRESENTS JACOB KOK PARADISE Amsterdam Fashion Week Wednesday 23rd of January 2013 AW13/14 by Jacob Kok Styling - Lara Verheijden Hair/make-up - Geo Timmerman Model - Ayannah Griffith Camera and studio - Allstream Lifestyle Production - Hannah Wiersma Sewing - Jacob Kok, Stefan Leenaars, Karin Wolters, Lindsay Webster De Sims - Pien Ooms, Vanessa van Maurik Sims clothing - Angela van Rietschoten Sims set and camera - Frederique Brenninckmeijer Editing - Jacob Kok Music advice - Nick Verstand Thanks to - Simon Puignau, Aynouk Tan, Geo Timmerman, Lindsay Webster Supported by - Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Amalgamated from Studio Markunpoika on Vimeo.

Artist/Creative Designer uses his imagination to create beautiful sculptures out of your everyday ordinary pencils and crayons. Check it out

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Made In the Neighbourhood (ft. a clothing printer, OpenKnit)

Made In the Neighbourhood (ft. a clothing printer, OpenKnit) from Gerard Rubio on Vimeo.
Presently, production outsourcing has become the norm: mass fabrication of goods at low costs improves corporate profit margins but pushes precarious labour conditions due to a race to the bottom in competing developing markets. Production entails long and precise processes before those goods reach our hands, many of which are pervasive in our daily life, and frequently in intimate contact with us, such as textiles. In such a context the market price we pay for goods has not absorbed the externalities created, thus we end up paying far less for them than the real impact they have in society and the environment. OpenKnit offers an alternative landscape to this production model. It’s an open-source, low cost (under 550€), digital fabrication tool that affords the user the opportunity to create his own bespoke clothing from digital files. Starting from the raw material, the yarn, and straight to its end use, a sweater for example, in about an hour. Designing and producing clothes digitally and wearing them can now happen in the very same place, rewarding the user with the ability to make decisions regarding creativity and responsibility. In order to increase accessibility to this new tool, a step by step assembly manual is published while the software Knitic allows you to design your customized clothes easily and feed them into the printer, just a few clicks away. Do KnIt Yourself, acts as an open-source clothing platform, a virtual wardrobe that allows users to share clothes, not only with those near you. Deeply inspired by the RepRap project, OpenKnit is an ongoing project that waits to evolve organically with/for the community. There’s a long and exciting way full of possibilities to be developed, I can think about many of them, but happily some are still unknown. Join the project http://openknit.org/ Animation that shows how an OpenKnit machine works, by Sergi Rubio & Estel Roman http://ift.tt/1dG6QTk Knitic by Mar Canet and Varvara Guljajeva. http://www.knitic.com/ Do KnIt Yourself by Takahiro Yamaguchi. http://ift.tt/1h2WHyT Music by Cayucas, Cayuco from their album Bigfoot. https://cayucas.com

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